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View of the new club from the raised VIP area. Having 2 such areas generates extra income and opens the area around the bar for easier access.  

New Ivory leather booths, solar shades and discreet pendant lights are constant with the new, clean lines this bar so desperately needed.

The stage was moved from the corner, immediately visible from the front door, which clogged the flow of traffic, to the back of the club. The pitched seating provides extra income as a second VIP area during events and fits snuggly into the wall, taking up very little space.

A detail of the slatted wall shows the graduation created to hide structural columns that served no purpose and were an eyesore. The bordered, lighter slats reduce in thickness with each graduation, creating a sense of speed and length.

In place of the former stage, a VIP area with a vantage point. Every area of the club can be seen from here.

Slatting also covered the doorway into the storage area and office for a complete sense of line and speed.

Same pool table, different atmosphere.



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