Elizabeth Maciel | Lead Designer

Interior designing is not only about making things look beautiful and classy. It is also about careful planning, functionality, and effective use of the space involved. An understanding of technical issues such as acoustics, lighting, temperature control, and visual balance is imperative for the holistic treatment of your space. All of the ornamental, movable, and immovable aspects of the interior need to be taken into consideration so that the color, furnishings, upholstery, and paneling are incorporated seamlessly into the overall ambience of your space.

I work with the home as well as businesses and take pride in helping you get the most out of your budget. Money does not constrain my creativity and I can provide many options that can help your money go farther than you expect. Choosing the right interiors and elegantly incorporating them into your physical environment will not only make your home or office livelier, but will create a positive impact on your life and productivity. A cozy home and an inspiring office is everybody’s dream, and I am here to turn that vision into a reality, no matter your resources. 

Please email me for pricing and consulting inquiries elizabeth@macielconceptual.com